Four projects selected for the International Seminar

Four projects selected for the International Seminar

Not two, as initially planned, but four projects have been selected for the International Seminar on Work and Happiness following the call for workshops and lazyshops launched early March.

Two months – and many proposals – later curators Carla Esperanza Tommasini (Pergine Spettacolo Aperto) and José Capela (mala voadora) have chosen a list of projects including The Laboratory of doing Nothing by Christina Schults, Worker’s Club by Einat Tuchman/Incompany, Field Work 2 by Vanja Babic and Bojan Mucko and Laissez Faire by Marta Melucci and Francesca Telli/Schuko Company.

The origin of all evil in the world is work. This is the principle upon which German-born Barcelona-based performer Christina Schults built her The Laboratory of doing Nothing – a collaborative piece in the form of an experimental workshop which investigates the root of all misery on the world.

Brussels’ collective Incompany will present Worker’s Club, a workshop which intends to explore the gap between our values and what we actually do at work – thus redefining values. Incompany is a collaborative project which brings together Einat Tuchman, Heike Langsdorph and Nicolas Galeazzi.

Vanja Babic and Bojan Mucko, from Croatia, will present Field Work 2, a project exploring physical separations and the occupation of the public space which looks upon work as a social sculpture.

Finally, Marta Melucci and Francesca Telli from Italy’s Schuko Dance Company will come up with Laissez Faire, a lazyshop based on the idea of passivity, a radical physical condition in which participants will be assisted on their elementary actions.

The full programme of the International Seminar will be unveiled in June. The event will be held on July 14 and 15 during the Pergine Spettacolo Aperto performing arts festival.