International Seminar: meet Bojan Mucko and Vanja Babic

International Seminar: meet Bojan Mucko and Vanja Babic

Croatia-born performers Bojan Mucko and Vanja Babic will take part of the International Seminar and encourage people to build walls together.

We will see you and Vanja Babic in Pergine with a project named Field Work 2. Tell us all about it!
The concept of Field Work 2 developed through thinking about the system of work and work conditions that people get with full time jobs, alongside with freelance experience and working in art circles. Our system isn’t friendly to the concept of laziness and leisure time, and the fact that humans have great benefits from this kind of resting time and reflecting on their work and their actions, wishes, needs, is not taken seriously. Often, too much work is taking our time to live life.
From this point of view, our art work is reflecting the feeling of constant working that is in a loop faze. We are building a physical wall that is never finished, and with limited number of bricks transferred from one end to the other, it is traveling through space and time, and develops new social situations in public space.
The act of building and working loses its original and well known purpose and after the event of performance the wall is removed and the orange trace of bricks is there for a little time before it disappears. What happens in a time of a process is the thing that matter, it is social encounters, people helping to build a wall, human relations of working together, passer by reactions, participation, experience. The main goal of the work is conversation and rethinking the concept of reasons to work.

Which one – work or laziness – is supposed to lead us to happiness? Do you want to risk an answer?
The balance between work and laziness will lead to happiness. If you are lazy too long, it is not productive to your being and your mind is sinking, and if you work too much you can lose track of yourself. Happiness is working on something that means something to you and meaning comes to you when you have time to stop and reflect on you work.

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The full programme of the International Seminar (July 14, 15 a Pergine Spettacolo Aperto festival) will be unveiled early June.