International Seminar: meet Einat Tuchman / InCompany

International Seminar: meet Einat Tuchman / InCompany

InCompany is a group of performance artists organizing brainstorming workshops about work reality. Members include Heike Langsdorf, Nicolas Galeazzi and Einat Tuchman, an Israel-born Brussels-based performer who told us what’s in store for the workshop they will present at the International Seminar.

How did you come up with the idea for the InCompany Workers’ Club, which you will take to Pergine?
InCompany derived from the concept of hospitality. Initially, our aim was to propose profit companies to be their artistic guests. We offered them an artistic process about work and values.
The dramatic entry of the guest (as the Other) into the home of the host immediately enhances the host’s principals and, at the same time, contaminates them. The host/self has to manifest and activate its territorial approach after inviting a stranger in.
But, actually, we did not find any host/company to invite us in. We could not promise a profitable result. So we have created our own territory namely Incompany Workers’ Club.

What will you propose concretely?
We provide a space for people to meet, have a drink and a snack and join versatile creative games about work and values. We guide the participants through a journey which starts at their personal set of values and believes. Most of us live in the discrepancy between what we believe to be important, our principals, and what we actually do. By cooperating with others, we compare personal values with the way we work. And we compare the systems we work in by challenging those aspects with the other participants. Each one is, as well, a mentor for the other. In the end, via performing exercises, we create an ideal world of work that emerges out of our basic sets of believes. Our aim is to create a community of people that would like to rethink work and create the work revolution.

Is it work or laziness which will lead us to (collective) happiness?
I believe that work is every gesture we do in this world. Work has nothing to do with economy. We evolved from the law of the jungle where action meant survival. We are able to live in a world that can provide modest but sustainable living for everyone. It is time to recognize that even sitting or talking or cleaning or bagging are actions that need a recognition. Of Course there is the aspect of responsibility and sharing the collective maintenance of the way we live.
I think that art can bring a large insight over how to create moments, how to invent meanings, images, words, relations and spectacles out of the void. We can live in a big laboratory of experimental processes, exploring ourselves and others, the world around us, energies and forces. If we stop to do so much non-sense we can discover endless territories of doing and undoing.

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The full programme of the International Seminar (July 14, 15 a Pergine Spettacolo Aperto festival) will be unveiled early June.