International Seminar: meet Marta Melucci and Francesca Telli

International Seminar: meet Marta Melucci and Francesca Telli

Milan-based company Schuko is inviting everyone to get passive. Laissez Faire is hitting Pergine in July! Marta Melucci and Francesca Telli tell us all about it!

Which lazyshop will you present at the International Seminar?
Our company Schuko is presenting a lazyshop called “Laissez faire”. It is based on the idea of passivity, a radical physical condition in which participants will be assisted on basic common actions. We will recreate a condition in which intention is turned off and the body experiences a total support.

How did you develop its concept? What are your expectations?
During our research in contemporary dance, art and design we deeply explored passivity, attracted by the relationship between organic and artificial, bodies and objects. Depending on the situation, being passive and moved by others can be a very relaxing experience as much as a stressing state in which you feel constricted. We thought that passivity could be a good metaphor of laziness: lay with no specific will, expecting others to do things for you can give you the opportunity to free your mind, relax your body and really enjoy being as an authentic state. Still, being consciously passive is not an easy practice and makes you realize how much we are constantly active and in control. The expectation is that participants will travel through this immersive experience and look for answers in their body. Starting from what they feel they will reflect on crucial subjects as: dependence, happiness, responsibility and freedom.

Is it work or instead laziness which will lead us to happiness?
Laissez faire originally refers to an economical principle. According to a liberal vision, the initiative of the individual free from public control would be sufficient to guarantee prosperity for everyone and the community. In some way we believe in the utopian world in which personal and collective interests correspond perfectly, as it happens sometimes in art: you start from a private necessity and you end up pleasing others. Far from any absolute truth either in economy or art, we believe that the body knows a lot and it is where we want to be connected. Certainly happiness lays somewhere between flesh and bones.

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The full programme of the International Seminar (July 14, 15 a Pergine Spettacolo Aperto festival) will be unveiled early June.