Manual: Patras hosts first artistic residency and performance

Manual: Patras hosts first artistic residency and performance

The project A Manual on Work and Happiness will soon kick off the artistic residencies with Portuguese theatre company mala voadora. These residencies will generate four different performances involving the communities of Patras (Greece), Montijo (Portugal), Alcobaça (Portugal) and Pergine (Italy).

The Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patras will be the first partner to host the residency. Subsequently, it will also host the world premiere of the play A Manual on Work and Happiness, scheduled for March 16, 2018. Two more dates will follow: March 17 – 18.


Potential participants should be over 18 years old and able to commit both to the artistic residency (20 hours per week, in the evenings from 22 February to 15 March) and to the 3 days of the performance (March 16, 17 and 18).

Both the artistic residency and the play will be in Greek. The final selection of the 20 participants will take place in a three-day workshop to be held on February, 22, 23 and 24 (5 – 9 pm).

Potential participants must send a short biographical note, contact details and photo to the email or by post to  ΔΗ.ΠΕ.ΘΕ. Πάτρας, Όθωνος Αμαλίας 6, Πάτρα 26223 (υπόψην Συγκλητικής Βλαχάκη)

Deadline: February 5, 2018.


Written by Spanish author Pablo Gisbert during a residency at L’arboreto (watch the video report), the text of the play will be wrapped by a manual of stage direction (guidelines, light and set design, etc). Together, the text and the manual will form the kit “A Manual on Work and Happiness”, which will be made available online for free download.

Interested artists and theatre companies worldwide will be able to download the kit, follow the instructions and create their own versions of the Manual. This process will be completely free; no royalties involved.


Montijo (Portugal)
Artistic residency: March / April 2018
Performance: April 13 – 14, 2018

Alcobaça (Portugal)
Artistic residency: Late April / Early May 2018
Performance: May 11 – 12, 2018

Pergine (Italy)
Artistic residency: Late June / Early July 2018
Performance: mid July 2018