Montijo invites local community for artistic residency with mala voadora

Montijo invites local community for artistic residency with mala voadora

The project A Manual on Work and Happiness has reached a new phase: the organisation of artistic residencies which will generate a theatre play directed by Portuguese company mala voadora. The creative process is open to the local communities of four cities (Patras, Montijo, Alcobaça and Pergine). About 20 people, with no theatre background, will star in the play.

After Patras (Greece), which will host the World Premiere of the play A Manual on Work and Happiness on March 16 at the Apollon Theatre, it is time for Montijo (Portugal) to challenge its local population to take part in an artistic residency coordinated by actor and director Jorge Andrade (mala voadora). The Portuguese premiere will be held on April 13 at Cinema-Teatro Joaquim d’Almeida (Montijo).


The call runs between February 16 and March 11.
The artistic residency happens between March 21 and April 12.

An application form is available on the website of the Montijo municipality.
Local candidates can also apply in person at Cinema-Teatro Joaquim d’Almeida (from Tuesday to Saturday between 4.30 pm and 9.30 pm.)

Candidates must be over 18. No theatre background required!


After Montijo, artistic residencies will also take place in Alcobaça (Portugal) and Pergine (Italy). Alcobaça will soon open its call for the local artistic residency. The play will be presented on May 11- 12 at Cine-Teatro João d’Oliva Monteiro. Pergine will also host the residency and the play in July during the Festival Pergine Spettacolo Aperto.

A Manual on Work and Happiness
is a theatre play based on an instruction manual which will be available in this platform from March onwards. All necessary information for the realization of the play can then be easily downloaded (“staging” instructions + texts by Pablo Gisbert + images to be printed to make the set), and any group of people, anywhere in the world, can take the initiative of creating their own version of the Manual.

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