SAT, JULY 15 >




Dance lazyshop (max 20 people) – 5€

July 15 > 9am-1pm
Venue: Palestra Scuola Rodari

In economics, ‘Laissez faire’ is synonymous of freedom of action. According to liberal ideology, the initiative of the individual detached from public control would be sufficient to guarantee the well-being of everyone and the community.

This lab intends to investigate this vision through the bodily experience of passivity, a radical physical condition opposed to autonomy, in which participants will “let themselves be used”, and guided in some ordinary actions. Some questions will delineate the rules of the game: is leisure an expression of pleasure? Are we more free when we are dependant on or when we are responsible about something? Does the will make wishes come true?


Schuko is the name of an electrical plug, an indispensable tool for switching on a process and a reference to an active contact. The company was established in 2005 by dancers Marta Melucci and Francesca Telli, who, coming from courses ranging from design to philosophy, from scenography to somatic education, share a common training in contemporary dance. In collaboration with light designer Paolo Spotti and artists of different backgrounds, they have created shows, site-specific performances, videos and multimedia works that combine dance, design and visual arts. In his various expressions, Schuko’s work focuses on what is contemporary, an investigation on the body, forms of communication, identities, contrasts and resources of the present time. The quality of movement, materials, construction of spaces and the use of different media are aspects that the company seeks out with curiosity and attention to detail in support of open research to experimentation with multiple languages ​​and articulated between production and conduction of training labs. Schuko’s productions have been presented at various festivals, art galleries and museums in Italy and abroad, obtaining several awards.

Laissez Faire was one of the four projects selected in the framework of the call for workshops and lazyshops, that A Manual on Work and Happiness launched on March 2017. Click here to read the interview with Marta Melucci and Francesca Telli.