Southern Coalition #3: theatre management and communities on the agenda

Southern Coalition #3: theatre management and communities on the agenda

After the first two sessions held in Portugal and Trento (Italy) in October, the Southern Coalition trainings will continue in November with two events scheduled for Mondaino (Italy) and Patras (Greece).

Southern Coalition #3 will take place on November 10, in Teatro Dimora, Mondaino (Italy), organised by L’arboreto, along with La Valle dei Teatri – Rete Teatrale Valconca, ATER – Circuito Multidisciplinare dell’Emilia-Romagna, Regione Emilia-Romagna – Assessorato alla cultura, in cooperation with Rete Teatrale Valmarecchia and Agorà – Stagione teatrale della Unione Reno Galliera.

The event particularly addresses the specificities of theatre management in the context of Italian provincies. How to create and maintain the designed functions of local theatres? What are the role and the perspectives of citizens and spectators in their relationships with the small theatres and communities from the Italian provinces? Organised around these and other related issues, the programme was developed by Fabio Biondi and Elena Di Gioia.

The event will gather several local operators and will invite young audiences – part of the project “Direzioni artistiche under 30” – to join the debate and report it.

In fact, since the 1970’s that the Italian arts scene has witnessed the emergence of small provincial theatres which contributed to regional development. Historical and modern theatres began to host cultural organisations, artists and theatre companies which turned those spaces into their residencies, promoting a new, rich and diversified context.

Those theatres carry out an intense and original programming of “Theatrical Season”. Simultaneously, in many cases, they are also “cultural outposts”: places of hospitality and care of contemporary creative processes, hosting residences for the research and the production of new works, besides offering training for both child and adult audiences.

These projects aim to improve the quality of the relationships between artists, operators and spectators. The artistic projects are presented with and for the local communities. Locals become part of a “creative community” in which citizens play an active and proactive role.

Over time, more marginal projects – essential to question the contradictions of our time – also found their space in the provincial theatres. Original and innovative projects have also allowed the optimization and capitalization of the resources of individual realities.

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