August 2017

While Europe enjoys a Summer break, Jorge Andrade and José Capela (mala voadora) and Pablo Gisbert are in residency in L’Arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino (Italy), busy with the writing of the text of A MANUAL ON WORK AND HAPPINESS.

Click here to see the video report from the Writing Residency, including interviews with mala voadora and Pablo Gisbert.



December 2017


On December 9, the theatre play written by Pablo Gisbert and mala voadora during the Summer residency will be unveiled in a public reading held at 9pm at L’Arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino (Italy). The event will gather the international partners of the project and the community of Mondaino, who will be part of the staged reading.

Originally written in Spanish, the play will be translated into Portuguese, Italian, Greek and English. It will be available online at this platform, for free download. Artists and theatre companies around the world are encouraged to download it and direct their own versions of the Manual.

The text of play will be the starting point for the artistic residences scheduled for first half of 2018 for the cities of Alcobaça, Montijo, Patras and Pergine. These residencies will generate four different performances involving the communities from the four local cities.

The Manual will be available for free download from July 2018.

Artists worldwide are invited to download the files and make their own versions of the play, based on the provided material.