August 2017 – L’Arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino (Italy)

While Europe enjoyed a Summer break, Jorge Andrade and José Capela (mala voadora) and Pablo Gisbert were in residency at L’Arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino (Italy), busy with the writing of the text of A MANUAL ON WORK AND HAPPINESS.

Click here to see the video report from the Writing Residency, including interviews with mala voadora and Pablo Gisbert.

The teaser of THE MANUAL was unveiled at the Final Conference of the project, held in Lisbon (Portugal) in October 15-16  2018. Then, THE MANUAL  was launched in November 2018.


THE MANUAL is a kit of instructions on how to create the participatory theatre show A Manual on Work and Happiness. It includes a video, a step-by-step document, a set design kit and the texts of the show in five languages (English, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and Spanish) written by Pablo Gisbert .


Watch the video and download the all files here. The content of THE MANUAL is royalty-free. People around the world – artists, professional or amateur companies – are encouraged to download it and create their own version of the show!


THE MANUAL is one of the outcomes of a two-year project which included, among other events, five artistic residencies and five participatory stage performances in five cities from three countries (Portugal, Italy and Greece). Those residencies were coordinated by Portuguese theatre company mala voadora and were designed to the local communities, thus turning a group of citizens out of arts scene into performers.


Each one of those five performances was based on a series of instructions and texts which were tested and adjusted to the necessities of different groups and different venues.


THE MANUAL is a compilation of those instructions and texts (including the ones which were left out of the performances). Upcoming shows, directed by motivated professional or non professional artists worldwide willing to give it a try, are expected to follow THE MANUAL, but also keep a certain level of creative freedom.