Writing Residency – watch the video reports

Writing Residency – watch the video reports

Jorge Andrade and José Capela, from Portuguese theatre company mala voadora, and Spanish author Pablo Gisbert took part of the Writing Residency of the Manual at L’arboreto Teatro Dimora.

The residency included a meeting with the community of Mondaino, gathering locals from different generations, who shared their experiences and thoughts about the project-related topics.

According to José Capela, “The Manual does not wrap with absolute accuracy the forthcoming performances. It includes instructions which are open to interpretation. We wanted the Manual to be flexible enough so that each performance is able to have its own identity.”

After the Writing Residency, L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora will host the first public reading of the text of the Manual in December 2017. That text will generate four different performances in Patras, Alcobaça, Montijo and Pergine in 2018. Local communities will participate in artistic residencies and star in those performances.

Click here to watch the two video reports of the Writing Residency.

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