FRI, JULY 14 >

h. 5.30pm – 9pm / ITINERANT



Itinerant participatory performance


July 14 > 5.30pm-9pm
July 15 > 10am-1pm

Venue: Itinerant

Together with the participants, Vanja Babic and Bojan Mucko will build a wall made of a pile of bricks in the open urban area of public space. A brick wall that moves around the urban space in its continuous making and unmaking. Is that a social sculpture? A productive or unproductive work? Perhaps simply a collective work without a specific meaning as a powerful metaphor of contemporary society.

Field Work 2 was one of the four projects selected in the framework of the call for workshops and lazyshops, that A Manual on Work and Happiness launched on March 2017. Click here to read the interview with Bojan Mucko.


Vanja Babic (Zagreb, 1984) went to Mechanical Engineering School “Faust Vrančić“, and Polytechnic of Zagreb, Department of telecomunications. Studied on the Academy of fine arts Zagreb, finished the B.A. Department of Animation and New media in 2011. and graduated with highest honor the M.A. of New media in 2013. Works as a assistant at the Academy of fine arts Zagreb.
Art work was exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in Zagreb, Vienna and London; awarded with two rector awards for group project and acknowledgement for the best student in the generation at Academy of fine arts; winner of Essl Art Award 2013 and got a special prize in the competition ‘‘Energy 2012’’.
His work is often based on the principles of social practice, questioning the everyday boundaries that infiltrate individual ways of living.

Bojan Mucko is a freelance cultural anthropologist, philosopher and multimedia artist. As a researcher and author, he is engaged with various projects within the platform for urban exploration of the Association for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research. From 2009 he is also part of the organisation of the ETNOFILm Festival (international festival of the ethnographic film) and film programmer. His research on the deterioration and massive closure of the business premises in the city center of Zagreb within the frames of res urbanae project has resulted with several multimedia exhibitions (Winter Stores Voices, VN Gallery Zagreb, 2009; Spaces of Identity, Spaces of Interaction, Spaces of Change, Modulor Gallery Zagreb, 2010) and publication (Emptied in restitution, Zagreb: Heinrich Böll Stiftung & AIIR, 2012).
From 2011 to 2013 he was part of Shadow Casters, Zagreb based group of the intermedia and performative artists and worked as a project coordinator and actor. His papers and articles have been published in various scientific magazines and other publications (Man and Space, Studia Ethnologica Croatica, Zarez, Oris…).
From 2013 to 2016 he worked as a TV presenter and TV journalist for the Croatian Radiotelevision. From 2014 he is part of the intercultural artistic platform Corners of Europe.