Are you happy at work? Are you happy at all? How come we grew to become so strongly defined by what we do and the salary we get? Is work or rather laziness the solution for our collective happiness?

The topics related to work and happiness are endless. We want to explore them and we want you to get involved!

This section is yours: share your views, fears, hopes, realistic proposals, utopian conceptions, you name it… These contribution might be shared in different formats (papers, personal notes, press articles, photos, videos…).

The aim is to build a reservoir of contributions which will create a sort of emotional and intellectual canvas to the several activities organised within the frame of this project.


How to get involved?
Not that much work! You just need to fill the form to share your thoughts and files with us. Check all the contributions below!

What else?
You can also joins us at the International Seminar (Pergine Spettacolo Aperto Performing Arts Festival, July 2017). You can submit your projects for workshops and lazyshops until the 16th of April. Click here to read the regulations.



Later on, take part in one of the four performances in Alcobaça, Montijo, Patras or Pergine, download text of the Manual  (available in the second half of 2017) and all its artistic-related material to set up your own performance.


Hi guys, Just came across this call, and I absolutely want to do something with you. I live in Montijo, I’m 43. I work or don’t work, depends on the......